Proven advertising techniques from over 28 years of global franchised marketing experience.


We offer only exclusive advertising, meaning only one type of business catagory is allowed to advertise at a time. This gives advertisers the power to lock out their competition. Because of this advantage many of our advitisers stay in for long periods of time, some indeffinately.




Because Coffee News is a weekly publication it brings a powerful local saturation of advertising to the local comsumer. It is a friendly "Pull" form of adertising; our readers choose to pick up and read the paper. They love the Coffee News and are anxious for each new weekly edition.



Because advertising in Coffee News is very affordable it allows most small businesses to place ads consistently and for longer periods of time in our local areas. There are also discounts for 2-edition ads and for 6 month and 12 month pre-paying.


It is typical for the paper to get multiple reads per copy. Coffee News studies estimate over 8,000 reads per week for our distribution area.


"Thank you for having selected me as the winner of the December Coffee News Metro Contest..

My wife and I have been entering on numerous occasions. I received a coupon for 2 medium pizzas at the Blue Collar Pizza establishment located on 23 Mile and Hayes.


My wife and I were very well satisfied with the Pizza from Blue Collar, and will recommend them to other possible patrons, as well as returning in the future to their store.


My wife and I will also continue to read and review the Coffee News and possibly be a winner in the future..


              THANKS  AGAIN"