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Coffee News is a great tool for small business owners to target advertising to the communities in which they derive the majority of their business. Coffee News is a friendly "pull" form of advertising; readers choose to pick up and read the paper. We have many loyal readers.


Coffee News is loved by readers in over 50 countries around the world. It's a free, weekly paper placed primarily in hospitality locations such as restaurants, coffee shops, local libraries, salons, doctor's offices, and the like. Coffee News Metro is found in nearly 100 locations within our local areas. 


We work with a variety of businesses and community organizations, from retail to service,   community groups, entertainment, schools and non-profits...Coffee News clients are an important part of our community. Helping them to communicate their value to the local audience is what we strive to do. 



Larger businesses have used our services with success such as car dealerships and financial services. Coffee News is a great affordable addition to supplement larger advertising campaigns. Our goal is to boost your business, be it small or large.

“I love your advertising news and look for your paper every week. Here is my entry for the hidden Coffee News Man. Hoping I win this time! Thanks”.

Evelyn Willard, faithful reader